Ok my fellow Ecuadorians, you have been studying English all your school life, from nursery school to elementary school and all the way through high school. You are now at the university level and you continue learning English.

Only now, you know how important it is to be competitive in the working world and you need to show your employer how good your English is to get that job or that promotion you have been looking for.



The Preparation Course


The Teacher


Have you ever met an American from the U.S. who speaks perfect Spanish? No, right! To speak perfect Spanish, an American would practically have to live in a Spanish speaking country all his life.

In turn, to speak perfect English, you would have to grow up in an English speaking country and speak it all the time in order to make it YOUR language, too.

It is a personalized course with a maximum of 4 students. Because of the dynamics of the course, the students are able to work in pairs and as a whole group to listen to each other, provide feedback to each other, and evaluate one another. This allows the students to learn what is expected by the evaluators when they take the actual exam, as well as learn how to continue their practice when they do their homework exercises on their own.

In the last 5 years, I have been helping Ecuadorian students expand their educational opportunities by preparing them for admission to all major universities in the U.S. and abroad. My gratification in teaching comes when students tell me how well they are doing with the tools I have given them in order to be able to communicate and interact in English, and now with the Toefl iBT, to be able to expand their horizons and help them continue their education abroad.

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