Does Fred offer classes in other cíties besides Quito?

Fred’s Toef iBT course is given only in his office in Quito. The office is centrally located in the North area of the city and is easily accessible. (See map)

Can I take the actual Toefl iBT with Fred?

The preparation course for the Toefl iBT is given by Fred, but Fred does not administer the exam. The only places where you can take the exam are the authorized test centers in Quito. When you register through the ETS home page, you will be informed of the site depending on the desired date you want to take the exam.

For more information about the exam and registration go to :

How often can I take the Toefl iBT?

You can take the Toefl iBT anytime. Remember the exam was created and modified in 2005 to test a student’s proficiency. Because some students want to improve their grade, some students want to prepare further and repeat it to improve their overall score.

What is the minimum score I should get on the Toefl iBT?

Each University or higher level institution in an English speaking country establishes its requirement for the Toefl iBT. Most Universities require between and 80 to 90 and some higher level institutions will require up to and at least 100 over 120.

How does Fred guarantee me that I will obtain a good grade on the Toefl iBT?

Remember that the grade you obtain on the Toefl iBT depends greatly on how well you assimilate all the strategies that Fred gives you. The other factor is the disposition you have in order to put forth your best effort to prepare for the exam. Fred guarantee’s you a first rate preparation course. The grade you make will definitely be better than without preparing for the exam, however, because every student is an individual and every student is a different world, your grade will reflect the amount of effort you put into preparing for it.

What experience does Fred have in preparing students for the Toefl iBT?

Since 2005, when the Toefl exam changed to the Toefl iBT, Fred has been preparing student for this exam with much success. Even before 2005, Fred was preparing the students for the Toefl Paper Based Test. Since then, the results have given him the preference among students along with their recommendations.

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